Creature Fear.

I'm Chris. 23. England. Music, design and everything else.

I live alone

I live a lonely life without you

And I may be troubled

But I’m gracious in defeat

Ben’s here.

Ben’s here.

Timber Timbre

—Run from me


Run from me darlin’
You’d better run for your life


Behind the scenes w/ Keaton Henson and Cellophony at Oval Space. Magical performance. More on here

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My soul is as dark as the circles under my eyes

Hoping things will be better soon.

Hoping things will be better soon.

Just had a job interview for a drivers position at Dominos, find out tomorrow if I have a job or not. Feels like I’m slipping further away from what I want to be doing, but at the moment I’m just feeling lost and hopeless. Nothing against the job in any way, I just feel like I’ve wasted 6 years of my life. It’ll be money at least and I do love pizza.